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Prabhat Jain - Executive Team



About Prabhat Jain - Co-Founder of Monsoon Multimedia

Prabhat Jain


Over a span of 30 years in the Silicon Valley, I have been fortunate to have founded companies that have pioneered multimedia technologies. At Monsoon Multimedia, manufactures, develops and sells video streaming and place-shifting devices that allow consumers to view and control live television on PCs connected to a local (home) network or from remotely from a broadband-connected PC or mobile phones.

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What the Media Says

"Monsoon Wireless HD differs from Sling by adding 802.11a/g wireless networking to the mix of transmitting video from a home source (cable, MCE PC, etc.) to your laptop across your home or across the Internet. Vulkano also adds the ability to stream to more than one PC."

PC Magazine

"What's nice about the Vulkano is that it has built-in wireless capabilities -- unlike the Slingbox. The Slingbox must be connected to your router via an ethernet port, which was problematic for me because of my router and TV reside on different floors in my house. The Vulkano was able to connect to my router wirelessly."

PC World

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