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Product Reviews

This is the place to read about product reviews on Vulkano.

Vulkano Flow place-shifting streaming device


If you’ve ever spent any time channel surfing in a hotel room, chances are you’ll immediately see the appeal of place-shifting technology, which allows you to watch your home TV programs remotely by streaming them over the Internet to a PC, Mac, or smartphone. Read more.

Monsoon Vulkano Flow – Slingbox on a Budget


Monsoon has been selling placeshifters for awhile now, first under the Hava brand name, and now called Vulkano. The entry-level Vulkano Flow is a $99 Slingbox fighter that offers up the core functionality of a placeshifter with a few bonuses and a few notable absences. For the uninitiated, a placeshifter is a piece of hardware that sits between your audio/video signals (antenna, cable box, DVD player, etc) and your TV set. Read more.

Vulkano Flow First to Allow Direct Recording of TV Programs to Smartphones


Vulkano Flow is an accessory that allows users to stream TV shows and movies to their smartphone or tablet. A new software update has added a significant feature: the ability to now record programs directly on the mobile device. Read more.

Vulkano Flow from Monsoon Multimedia brings TV from home to your smartphone

Android Central

These days, digital content is everywhere. You can purchase movies, TV shows and music from a multitude of places but when it comes to getting the content you already own or pay for on your device -- that's where things get a little tricky. Monsoon Multimedia is looking to make all that easier with their Vulkano Flow system. Read more.

Vulkano Flow from Monsoon Multimedia


The Vulkano Flow is the latest and greatest from Monsoon Multimedia in the Vulkano product line. The Flow allows the user to watch and control television programming they receive at home on their BlackBerry Smartphone, PC, Mac, and soon to their BlackBerry PlayBook. Read more.

Monsoon Vulkano Flow Review - Place-Shifting Isn't Dead Yet


Monsoon's Vulkano Flow competes directly with Sling Media's Slingbox SOLO, although retails at a much cheaper price point ($99 versus $179). Like its Slingbox rival, the Flow is a single source streamer offering an HD compatible component video, composite, and stereo audio. A video only source can also be connected simultaneously. Read more.

What the Media Says

"Monsoon Wireless HD differs from Sling by adding 802.11a/g wireless networking to the mix of transmitting video from a home source (cable, MCE PC, etc.) to your laptop across your home or across the Internet. Vulkano also adds the ability to stream to more than one PC."

PC Magazine

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