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Take your home TV experience with you wherever you go. Vulkano's mobile player for Windows PC not only lets you watch your live home TV, but lets you look at current program guide data, set recordings, then transfer those recordings right to your PCís hard disk. Recordings can be transferred locally in your home or remotely over WiFi or a 3G connection. Channel surf your TV in high quality while sitting in an airport or watch a recorded movie or two while flying to your destination all from your PC. Itís like having your living room TV in your PC!

Electronic Programming Guide

Access current and future TV program information directly from your PC. Schedule single TV show recordings or entire series to record directly to Vulkano's storage. Playback recordings on your mobile phone or in near HD quality on your big screen TV.

Transfer Recorded Shows

Transfer recorded TV or movies from Vulkano's storage to your PC over a WiFi or 3G connection while in your home or when traveling. Now you can take hours of high quality TV and movies with you to watch on your lunch break, train, plane or laying by the pool.

Control Your Home TV Service From Anywhere

It's like having your TV remote in your hand anywhere in the world. Vulkano's PC Player not only lets you watch your live home TV but, you can change channels, control your DVR, as if you were sitting on your sofa. It doesn't get better than that!

Stream Video, Photos and Music To Your Big Screen TV

If your PC has a UPnP server included, you are able to stream video recordings, photos and music directly from your PC to your big screen TV. Using the Vulkanoís on screen TV menu, select your PC and then choose videos, photos or music to share with you friends and family.


Vulkano Requirements:

  • Watching TV away from home requires your Vulkano to have an Internet connection
  • The Vulkano PC Player work best if your Vulkano software is current. Download and install the latest version of the Vulkano TV Setup Wizard or PC Player on your home computer then run Setup with your Vulkano attached to your home network.

Network Requirements:

  • A wired Ethernet or wireless (802.11n,g) home network is required to setup remote TV viewing and transferring of recorded programs.
  • A high-speed (broadband) Internet connection of at least 256Kb upstream speed at home
  • Network download speed of 150Kbps (or higher)

Device Requirements:

  • 110 MB free memory is required on the PC to install the Vulkano PC Player
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