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Vulkano LAVA




Product Overview

The Vulkano LAVA is the perfect product for both in-home entertainment and taking your TV with you when you travel. Using LAVA's on TV screen menu you are able to navigate to the web and connect to YouTube then search and stream HD videos onto your big screen TV. Watch a Remote TV on you home TV. The RemoteTV feature offered on the Vulkano Lava and Blast,  lets you watch your paid TV service on another TV (without service) anywhere in the world or in another room inside your home.   All you require is a second Vukano ( Flow, Lava or Blast ) a home network and an Internet connection.   Watch TV the way it should be watched…..on a big screen…anywhere! With the included remote control LAVA users can again use LAVA's menu and go to the UPnP function which searches the home network for connected devices like smartphones, NAS drives, PC's, tablets then wirelessly stream photos, videos or music from those devices directly onto the TV.

When traveling never miss a favorite sports event or TV show, simple use LAVA's electronic program guide (EPG) to schedule a recording from anywhere using any mobile. Once the show is recorded to LAVA's internal 4GB memory card, users can either playback the recordings onto their TV or mobile, or even transfer the recordings over Wi-Fi or 3G onto an iPad, tablet, smartphone or PC and watch when convenient. Like all Vulkano products you can always watch and control your entire TV service from anywhere, on any mobile device.

Set up is a breeze with LAVA's internal .11n Wi-Fi. There is no need run cables throughout your home to connect to the router, simply turn on Vulkano and use the on screen setup wizard that guides you through a step by step configuration process, very similar to a gaming console. Install the appropriate free players for a PC and Mac, then download your mobile player from specific App Store for $12.99 and you are ready for total entertainment!

Summary of Vulkano LAVA Features:

  • Watch all your TV channels from anywhere
  • Use as a DVR or MVR (Mobile Video Recorder)
  • Works with all major TV services
  • Connects to Cable, DVD, Satellite, DVR or TiVo boxes
  • Schedule TV recordings from anywhere
  • Browse EPG for favorite shows
  • Transfer TV recordings to, iPads, tablets, PCs and Macs
  • Remote TV require is a second Vukano ( Flow, Lava or Blast )
  • Stream videos, photos & music from any mobile to the TV
  • Includes an internal 4GB memory card
  • Supports time-shifting (Pause, RW, FF) live TV
  • Includes internal Wi-Fi (.11n)
  • Stream TV in near HD quality to iPad, Tablets, mobiles
  • Change channels just like at home
  • Search and watch YouTube videos on your TV

What's Included In The Box?:

  • 1 Vulkano LAVA Unit
  • 1 Power Adapter
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 1 RJ-45 Ethernet cable
  • 1 IR Blaster cable
  • 1 Remote control
  • 1 HDMI cable
  • 2 Component cables
  • 2 Composite cables

Vulkano Players

PC Support

  • Windows 7, Vista, WinXP, Mac OS/X

Mobile Support

  • iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.
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