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Vulkano FAQs



Vulkano FAQs

Please check out the following FAQs for quick answers to your questions. Meanwhile we are always here to help you troubleshoot. Feel free to contact us at, or call 1(866)-937-4282, 9:00am - 9:00pm PST, Monday through Saturday.


Q: Would Vulkano Support Windows MCE?

A: Vulkano has its own EPG Support for Scheduled recordings, therefore there would be no need to use Windows MCE with Vulkano. In another words Windows MCE is not supported by Vulkano.

Q: I have forgot Vulkano Password, Is there any way to retrieve it?

A: You can retrieve the User Name and Password of your Vulkano from PlayerSettings.xml File of your Old Laptop.

You may follow these Steps:

For Windows XP

Go to C:\Documents and Settings\User Account\Local Settings\Application Data\Monsoon Multimedia\Vulkano\PlayerSettings.xml

For Vista & Win7

Go to C:\Users\<Your Account>\AppData\Local\Monsoon Multimedia\Vulkano\PlayerSettings.xml

Kindly Note: Local Settings and AppData are Hidden Folders. Kindly Unhide them to get to the PlayerSettings.xml file.

Follow these Steps to unhide Folders in XP

Follow these Steps to Unhide Folders in Vista & Win7

Q: I want to Add Second Vulkano in my Network, how can I do it?

A: In order to set up Second Vulkano Unit in a Single Network, you have to configure One Vulkano Unit at one Point of time. Your first Vulkano Unit should not be plugged to the power source during the basic Configuration. Once you configure your Second Vulkano Unit, you can Plug in the first Vulkano unit as well.

However, only one Vulkano can be seen as Local Vulkano unit. It depends on the IP Address assigned to your Vulkano devices by your Network Router. For example if the IP Address Assigned to one of your Vulkano is and the IP Address assigned to your other Vulkano is, in this case the Vulkano with .15 IP address will be seen as the Local Vulkano as per the IP Stack.

Now to make your preferred Vulkano as your First Vulkano, you need to disconnect the other Vulkano for a While, Reboot your Router then the Vulkano which is connected to it, it will rearrange the IP address. You can then Turn on other Vulkano as well.

Q: What are the different types of Input & Output Ports on Vulkano?

A: Audio/Video Inputs and output Ports on Vulkano are as follows:

  • RCA Composite Video (In and Out)
  • RCA Left and Right Audio (In and Out)
  • Component Y-Pb-Pr (In and Out)
  • HDMI Out
Q: How can I set up my Vulkano player on PC at a remote location, I am unable to complete the wizard?

A: You do not need to Run Wizard to configure Vulkano at your office computer.

For remote viewing you just have to Open PC Player > Then Click on "Player" in the Tool Bar on Top of the PC Player > Then Click on "Add/Select Vulkano"> Enter your Vulkano Name and Password under Remote Vulkano by Clicking on Add.

Once you are done, you can simply click on "Connect" to watch your Favorite Programs from the remote location.

Q: Can I set my Vulkano up using a PC?

A: Vulkano can be configured using PC and MAC Setup Wizard. In addition to this you can use the Vulkano Remote Control for TV Setup Wizard to configure it on your TV.

Q: How do I Port Forward my router?

A: You may go to Select Make and Model of your Router, (Skip the Advertisement) Search for Monsoon Vulkano and Click on it.

Follow the instructions as how to forward the ports for Vulkano. You may call Monsoon Technical Support for any assistance, if needed.

Q: Will my 802.11g router work with a Vukano?

A: Yes, it will work with 802.11g router. Vulkano supports 802.11a, g & n Wireless Standards.

Q: Can I upgrade my Vulkano's storage?

A: Connecting any Peripheral to VULKANO is not as cut and dried as it would be with PC - on Windows, you can go to any PC store and buy any Device and get proper drivers with it. On VULKANO, we have to carefully select Devices and drivers to match the Linux operating system used on the unit. As of now Only a few storage devices has been tested with VULKANO and that is what will work with VULKANO. You may go upto 1TB of Storage on Vulkano which can be purchased from

Q: Is static IP setup for Vulkano required?

A: Since Vulkano renegotiates UPnP port forwarding rules whenever it gets an IP address, it should not need to have a static IP set if your router supports UPnP (and UPnP is enabled). However, there is no harm in having the IP set for static either – just the standard warnings about making sure that the static IP chosen is not in the DHCP allocation range set by the router or used by another device using static IP on the same LAN.

If Vulkano is being used on a router that does NOT support UPnP, and as a result port forwarding had to be set manually using the router’s web interface, then static IP assignment for Vulkano is recommended. Some routers feature a way to assign the same IP address to a device repeatedly, which can be used instead of setting static IP on the Vulkano.

This can be called (depending on the router):

  • DHCP reservation
  • Static DHCP
  • Reserved IP address

And requires you to enter both the IP address you wish to use and the MAC address of the device in question (Vulkano). See your router’s documentation for more information on this feature.

Q: How to setup Vulkano?

A: Please follow our Setup Guide.

Q: How can I reset my Vulkano to factory defaults?

A: In order to Reset Vulkano kindly follow these steps.

  • Plug in the Power to Vulkano.
  • Wait for 1 Minute.
  • Press and Hold the Reset Button on the back panel of Vulkano for 10 Seconds or until the LED on the Top Panel of Vulkano Turns RED.
  • Release the button and let Vulkano boot. It will take around a minute. (During the reboot process Status of LED will be RED , Blinking Green then Off, Until it gets an IP Address, Once it will get an IP Address the LED will turn Green).
  • Now Vulkano is in Factory Reset Mode and you can Reconfigure it for Local and Remote viewing.

Q: I am currently overseas. Can I access the Vulkano by having someone at home install it while I'm gone, or do I have to be there with my computer in order to use it?

A: Anyone at home can Install and Configure Vulkano for you. Once done you can download and Install Vulkano Software on the client PC/MAC/IPhone/iPad etc from You can access Vulkano using Vulkano Player. You have to use the User Name and Password which would be assigned to your Vulkano by someone at home during the configuration process.

Q: If I am accessing the Vulkano, can another channel be watched at the same time by someone at home or do we have to watch the same thing?

A: It is possible to watch two separate channels one on TV and another on multiple PCs in Local Mode or One Client in remote Mode, provided If you have a digital cable Box/Set Top Box with TWO tuners. In this case you have to connect the output from one tuner to Vulkano and another tuner output to TV. Vulkano can control the first tuner through IR Blaster to select the channel to be watched through Vulkano and the second tuner can be controlled by the TV remote control to select channel to be watched on the TV.

Q: Can the Vulkano connect wirelessly to the wireless network in my home or must it be connected via Ethernet cable?

A: Vulkano comes with an 802.11n Standard built in Wireless chipset which makes it wireless capable. If you are using TV Setup You can configure it with your existing Wireless network without connecting Ethernet cable between Vulkano and Router. In case of PC Setup, you have to connect Vulkano hardwired to the network router for basic configuration. Once done you can disconnect the cable. It is almost same as to set a Wireless Access Point.

Q: If it can connect wirelessly, does it work better using an Ethernet cable or is wireless about the same?

A: If you do not have enough wireless interference in your home network there is no need to use the Ethernet cable between the router and Vulkano. It will work in wireless mode the same way as connected hardwired to the router.

Q: Will the Vulkano support recording OTA - over the air - without a set top box like cable or satellite?

A: Vulkano does not have Coaxial Input or any built in Tuner. You have to connect the video source through RCA connectors.

Q: What is the voltage for the product? Does it auto switch to 220V like most computers do? I might get stationed to Europe, Would it work there?

A: Vulkano is a world ready product which supports worldwide TV Standards (PAL\NTSC) and is shipped with a Universal Power Supply (110v ~ 240v, 50~60Hz).

Q: Can I transfer video files from my computer on to the External Vulkano hard drive?

A: Vulkano will allow you to record the contents from Cable Box/ STBs. Etc. You can use existing HDD for Streaming the contents with Vulkano to the TV provided if the contents are being served up by UPnP A/V Media Servers on the network.

Q: I wonder if the box requires any subscription fee?

A: It is a onetime buy with No subscription fee.

Q: I am not too sure how the device connects to the Set Top Box. Does the STB connect to the Vulkano and this then connects to the TV so the signal goes from the STB output, through the Vulkano to the TV?

A: You have to connect any Video Source to Vulkano, e.g; Cable box, Satellite receiver etc. Yes, you can use a video pass-through from Vulkano to connect the video out to TV, but if the video source has more than One Video Output you can use one with Vulkano and another directly to the TV.

Q: The Topfield STB has a twin tuner. Does the TV channel being viewed on an iPhone via the Vulkano have to be the same channel that is being watched on the TV via the set top box (eg if my wife is watching channel 1 on the TV in the lounge, is it possible for me to watch a different live channel on my iPhone?)

A: If the Tuners are independent allowing you to watch two different programs on two different TVs simultaneously than you can watch two independent programs one through Vulkano and one directly on the TV at the same time.

Q: Does Vulkano records like Tivo WITHOUT the monthly fees?

A: Yes, it records like TiVo with no monthly fee. You can record programs coming through cable box or satellite receiver on the attached HDD of Vulkano.

Q: Does Vulkano only accept analog input from set top box? No digital input such as HDMI.?

A: Vulkano Supports HD video feed through RCA connection upto 1080i but the Video feed is down converted to D1 = 720x480 or "DVD Compatible" for display on Client. It does not support HDMI In.

Q: What Ports do I need to Open for Vulkano on my Router?

A: Vulkano uses TCP 49177 and TCP+UDP 56123 for remote access.

Q: I have a DirecTV receiver model number H23-600. I can't find the model number or a code for the IR remote. Is there one?

A: In Vulkano Setup Wizard use Select by Code and Select S1377. It will work with your DirecTV Receiver.

Kindly Note: DirecTV Receivers allow you to control those using RF and IR Remote controllers. Kindly make sure your DirecTV Receiver Settings are set to use IR. VULKANO IR will only work if the settings on DirecTV are set to IR.

Q: I have selected the correct Model for Dish Network System in the Setup Wizard, however I am not able to change the channels through Vulkano. Is this a Hardware problem?

A: Kindly Note: VULKANO IR Works on Remote Address 1. Kindly make sure your Dish Receiver is set to Address 1 to make VULKANO IR work with it. Dish Network System has an option of Remote Address Selection. Kindly make sure the Remote Address Selected on your Dish Receiver is “1”.

To find out what channel your remote control 1 is configured to, do this:

  1. Press menu 2 times to get to system info
  2. In the system info page the primary remote address followed by a Green TV symbol and says IR will tell you the channel your remote control one is configured.

If the number of your Remote control 1 is not on channel 1, here is how to change it:

  1. In the system info page press and hold the SAT button on your remote until all other modes are flashing, about 3 seconds.
  2. Then press 1 on the number pad of your remote control
  3. Then press 1 time the search button which is located at the # signal
  4. Press the record button which is the red button
  5. At this point you should see a number 1 in front of the Primary remote address

You may refer to the manual of your Dish Receiver, if something is missing in the instructions given above.

Q: I try to run Vulkano software on my Laptop with Window Vista, I get a message saying "not a valid win32 application".

A: Not a Valid Win32 Application is a System specific issue. It occurs when you try to install Software which is not completely downloaded. You may check the file size of the downloaded file, it should be 75.5 Mb.

Q: I have download the Software and checked the File size, however, when I try to open the download, it begins what looks like unzipping the file, then says "Can’t create output file" and then closes. What is the issue?

A: It seems you do not have enough space in the Temporary Folder on the affected PC. Kindly delete all the contents from C:\Users\Your Account\AppData\Local\Temp\ and Install HAVA. Or else, right click on the Downloaded File and Click on "Extract Here".

Q: I have a Verizon Fios QIP 6416-II receiver and cannot find a code for it in Vulkano Setup Wizard, What should I do?

A: It is already there in the PC Setup Wizard. Motorola FIOS QIP, DCH, DCX and DCT are similar Models. You may select Equivalent/Closest DCT Model in the Setup Wizard. E.g. DCT6416.

Q: Can I use a Vulkano Unit at a remote location to access the programs from another Vulkano unit installed at my home?

A: That feature is not supported by Vulkano. Vulkano serves as a server and can only stream video to the Client (PC/MAC/iPhone/iPad/Android Phones/Blackberry and some other supported Smartphone’s) over the internet.

Q: I am not getting any Power on the eSATA HD when connected to Vulkano using eSATA Cable?

A: You have to connect eSata Cable into the eSata connector and also you have to connect the USB Cable into the Backplane “Reserved” connector at the back of the Vulkano box for eSata HDD to work.

Q: I went to install the PC player and after part of the installation I got a message to reboot. I rebooted and the installation did not restart so I started the installation again and again I got a message to reboot. How do I get the installation to finish and get out of this cycle?

A: This is a Windows issue. There would be a Registry Entry on your PC resulting in this error message.

Kindly do following:

Kindly Check the Following System Registry DWORD “Require Reboot” under HKEY_CURRENT_USER > "Volatile Environment" > DWORD >”Require Reboot” and Delete it.

Click on Start> Run > type regedit > Click on Ok. Click [+] HKey_Current_User>Click on Volatile Environment> On the Right Hand Side Look for Require Reboot and Delete it.

Q: What ports need to be opened on my corporate firewall in order to access the Vulkano at home?

A: Both VULKANO and Client sides should be able to send and receive from remote UDP 56123, TCP 56123 & TCP 49177 ports - if this is needed for firewall configuration; with the exact destination addresses. If this is impossible due to corporative firewall policy, there is no way to connect VULKANO remotely, as all the connectivity is being achieved via the P2P servers on these ports.

If you have a firewall on client or VULKANO sides, the firewall should open UDP activity on both directions to and from remote and local for the above mentioned ports.

Kindly note regarding these ports: If Vulkano or Client stays behind a NAT, these ports should be mapped on the NAT, otherwise firewall doesn't allow traffic on required ports even if they are opened (if it sees external port as another than these ports).

Conclusion If a client is behind NAT and firewall, then the complete client configuration needed is: firewall to open UDP 56123, TCP 56123 & TCP 49177 ports for incoming and outgoing traffic, NAT to forward UDP 56123, TCP 56123 & TCP 49177 ports to the PC's UDP 56123, TCP 56123 & TCP 49177 ports. This should work.

Q: I am getting "Central Server Unreachable" Error, while trying to access my Vulkano over 3G on a Blackberry phone. It works fine over Wi-Fi. Ports are forwarded on my router for Vulkano, what could be the issue?

A: Kindly set the APN settings on your Blackberry phone if not specified yet.

Go into Phone Menu-> Options ->Advanced Options->TCP/IP and Assign the Name and User Name and Password. Save it and try to connect over 3G.

Kindly Note: You need to call your 3G Service provider for the APN settings of your 3G network.

What the Users Say

"I bought Vulkano because it was the highest tech unit on the market."

Matt B.

"My experience with the Vulkano has been a great one. Not only with the product itself but the customer service is outstanding. I suggest the Vulkano to all of my friends over the Slingbox. The set up is so easy. I am a 100 % satisfied customer."

Timothy Q.

"I just wanted to tell you that I ordered and received my Vulkano and it is wonderful! I purchased it as a gift for my husband who travels frequently. I was all set to buy a SlingBox Pro when I came across a PC Magazine review of Vulkano. I had never even heard of Vulkano, but your product offers more features for less money! Installation was a snap and your software interface is simple and intuitive for users. I am completely satisfied and am recommending Vulkano to all my friends who would benefit from this technology. In fact, I think I'll get one for my son who is starting to travel more on business. Vulkano rocks!!!!"

Terry T.

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