Top 10 Best Non Slip Shower Paint 2023- Review And Buyer's Guide

Top 10 Best Non Slip Shower Paint 2023- Review And Buyer’s Guide

Could you tell me more about non slip shower paint? Expert reviews shaped the rankings. Below are the most-sold non slip shower paint and the top picks. Can you use our help finding the right non slip shower paint? An exhaustive list of all non slip shower paint products is provided below, as we have reviewed them all. 

Following the development of non slip shower paint, spent countless hours researching and testing other models. Take a look at our ranking!

1. SlipDoctors Tub Grip Anti-Slip Bath & Shower Floor Solution – Fixes Slippery Fiberglass & Acrylic Bathtub or Showers – Clear Non-Slip Textured Coating

Features :

  • ROLL-ON ANTI-SLIP COATING: The anti-slip coating by SlipDoctors is excellent for use on fiberglass, acrylic and other surfaces. This convenient coating is the perfect solution for wet or slippery areas such as bathtubs and showers, tile areas, concrete floors, gyms, spas and more.
  • PREVENTS SLIPS & FALLS: The perfect solution to help prevent injuries caused by slip and fall accidents. Our non-slip coating provides a clear, finely textured finish.
  • BAREFOOT FRIENDLY SURFACE: The durable textured surface created by Tub Grip is barefoot friendly and comfortable to stand or walk on.
  • EASY APPLICATION: One Tub Grip covers one standard size bathtub or shower. Porcelain tubs MUST be etched prior. Use the included roller to make application a breeze! Detailed instructions are included with every purchase. Tub Grip is low odor. Easy removal with lacquer thinner and a plastic scraper.
  • LONG-LASTING: Each non-slip coating of Tub Grip bathtub and shower application will last up to 2 years if applied correctly

Additional Info :

Color Clear
Item Dimensions
Height 7.5
Width 1.5
Length 5.4
Weight 0.04

2. RTG Shower & Tub Non-Slip Paint (Quart, Cream)

Features :

  • Non slip traction coating provides sure footing to help prevent slips and falls in showers and bathtubs. Visually appealing, long-lasting finish is easy to clean
  • Comfortable, non-abrasive traction additive feels good on sensitive skin and bare feet, not rough or sticky.
  • For acrylic, fiberglass, & enamel surfaces in good condition. Very easy to apply by brush or roller. Fast-drying paint lets you recoat in as little as 1 hour. Ready to use 48 hours after final coat
  • Low-VOC, eco-friendly formula has no toxic fumes—perfect for indoor use. Easy soap & water cleanup. Colors: White, Cream, Light Gray & Clear/Amber. Coverage: 80-100 sq ft per quart (standard tub)
  • IMPORTANT: Not for use on porcelain, tile, or ceramic surfaces. Surfaces must be completely clean, dry and prepped by sanding or finish will not stick. Follow instructions carefully for great results

Additional Info :

Color Cream

3. Tub Guard Clear Bathtub and Shower Grip Textured Non Slip Coating to Prevent Slips and Falls – 2 oz Size for 1 Standard Bathtub or Shower

Features :

  • HELPS PREVENT SLIP AND FALL ACCIDENTS: Finely textured anti slip coating is bare bottom and feet friendly. Replaces unsightly bathmats or stickers.
  • CHOOSE CLEAR OR BRIGHT WHITE: Bright white great for tubs discoloration. Clear great for surfaces that are in good condition.
  • USE ON: Cast iron, steel, porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, tile and more!
  • EASY TO APPLY: Non slip applies in minutes with included roller (not a spray), fast drying, low odor, covers 1 standard bathtub or shower. Adds slip resistance to slippery surfaces.
  • TRUSTED QUALITY SINCE 1993: Used by Marriott and Hilton hotels nationwide.

Additional Info :

Color Clear
Item Dimensions
Height 3
Width 2
Length 5.25
Weight 0.28

4. Non-Slip Spray (White) for Increased Grip on Fiberglass, Acrylic, Concrete and Tiles – White Anti-Slip Spray Coating for Shower, Bathtubs & Floors

Features :

  • SlipDoctors non-slip spray in white works effectively on fiberglass, acrylic properly prepared wood, concrete, metal, porcelain or ceramic tile, and many other surfaces
  • The spray grip coating is an epoxy aerosol that provides a hard, textured finish to help to prevent slip-and-fall accidents
  • It is barefoot friendly, lead-free, and chemical, gas and oil resistant. It is ideal for both interior and exterior surfaces, it is designed for areas where water is present or slippery conditions.
  • This convenient slip-resistant spray is the ideal solution to treat small or irregularly shaped surfaces where increased traction is desired.
  • One can covers up to 15 sq ft and be applied to slippery bathtubs and showers, Onyx shower bases, kitchens and bathroom floors, pool decks, ladders & steps, boats & trailers, gyms & spas

Additional Info :

Color White

5. SlipX Solutions Accu-Fit Square Shower Mat | Extra Large Non-Slip Stall Mat for Elderly & Kids Bathroom | Drain Holes, Strong Suction Cups, Machine Washable | XL (White Pearl, 27×27 Inch (Pack of 1))

Features :

  • The “average” shower stall mat being sold today is too small, measuring 21” x 21”. The same size that it was in the 1940’s. The average size of a standard shower has grown by over 50% during that same period. The SlipX Solutions Accu-Fit XL 27” x 27” Anti-Slip Mat was designed to cover more slippery surfaces for today’s modern shower stall design.
  • The SlipX Solutions Extra Large Shower Stall Mat provides 65% more non-slip protection coverage than other shower stall mats!
  • Warning: Designed for use on smooth surfaces only. For your safety, do not install over grout lines, voids or textured/uneven surfaces; all of which negatively affect adhesion. This product is not intended for use on refinished surfaces. Always make sure that your mat is securely attached before entering or exiting your tub, shower or other slippery areas. No anti-slip product can prevent all accidents.
  • 100 pliable, power grip suction cups secure this shower mat to non-textured surfaces. Excellent drainage. Large, centered drain hole plus dozens of mini surface holes.
  • Square shape fits standard shower stalls. 27” W x 27” L. Great extended coverage!

Additional Info :

Color Translucent White Pearl
Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 27
Length 27

6. Anti-Slip Bath & Shower Floor Solutions (2 Bottles) – Tub Grip – Barefoot Friendly Non-Slip Coating Fixes Slippery Fiberglass & Acrylic Showers & Tubs

Features :

  • Tub Grip non-slip shower and bathtub coating in x2 bottle packaging is the ideal solution for those wanting to increase the slip resistance on larger or multiple slippery fibreglass, acrylic, ceramic and porcelain baths and shower floors
  • Tub Grip anti-slip bathtub and shower coating is easy-to-use and simply applied using the included roller to create an anti-skid surface in wet and dry conditions to keep you safe
  • Tub Grip’s anti-slip fiberglass, acrylic and tile coating has a durable textured surface that is barefoot friendly and comfortable to stand or walk on. The non-slip coating will not change the look of your surface
  • Tub Grip applications will maintain your non-slip shower or bath tub grip for up to 2 years before needing to be re-applied again
  • Let Tub Grip increase your shower or bathtub traction today and prevent dangerous slip and fall accidents. All properly installed products are covered by our 2-year warranty

Additional Info :

Color Clear

7. Krylon K03400000 Clear Non-Skid Coating – 11 oz. Aerosol

Features :

  • Krylon Non-Skid Coatings Aerosol Clear

Additional Info :

Color Clear
Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 1
Length 1
Weight 0.85
Release Date 2013-01-25T00:00:01Z

8. Shower Grip Anti-Slip Coating for Bathtub & Shower Floors – Refinish and Increase The Slip Resistance on Tubs and Shower Trays – White

Features :

  • Shower Grip non-slip for bathtubs and shower areas is the ideal anti-slip solution to refinish and freshen up the bottom surface whilst at the same time drastically increasing the slip resistance of the bath or shower tray and ensuring you feel safe every time
  • Shower Grip is a white non-slip coating for the base of your shower that goes down easily using the supplied roller. This textured bathtub and shower coating uses barefoot-friendly anti-slip granules to give you surer footing as you step into and out of bathtubs and showers, helping to keep you free of painful slip-and-fall injuries
  • Shower Grip is suitable for use on floors of steel, marble, enamel, acrylic, cast iron, porcelain, fiberglass, and other traditional bathroom surfaces. Shower Grip is an eye-pleasing alternative to anti-slip shower stickers
  • Shower Grip anti-slip coating dries in around 5 hours, forming a durable glossy finish and leaving your tub or shower a less slippery surface on which to bathe. Its white finish may also help to fix tub discolorations, so your bathtub or shower area looks clean and new again.
  • Important: Shower Grip non-slip paint is only for the floor of the bathtub or shower. Porcelain and Ceramic must be etched using SlipDoctors Bathtub Kit or primed prior to the application. Shower Grip is non-toxic and skin friendly. Continue to enjoy relaxing baths and showers with sure footing after painting your tub with SlipDoctors anti-slip tub and shower coating

9. Bathworks Bathtub Refinishing Kit STANDARD 22 oz. Tub & Tile W/Non-Slip Protection WHITE

Features :

  • Includes non-slip additive
  • Use on porcelain, fiberglass, cultured marble, plastic shower modules and other bathroom surfaces
  • Dry to touch in 8 to 10 hours, cured and ready for use in 24 hours
  • Kit includes refinishing paint (16 oz.) – liquid primer (1 oz.) – hardener (4 oz.) – non-slip additive (2 oz.)
  • BATHWORKS EZ Etch kits are highly recommended for all porcelain and ceramic bathtubs, tiles and sinks
  • Does not include tools
  • Reference graph for kits with tools

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Weight 0.25

10. FIXALL Skid Grip Anti-Slip Acrylic Paint – Textured Coating for 100% Skid Resistance – Ideal for Sport Courts, Pool Areas, Sidewalks, & Parking Lots – Color: Jet (1 Gal)

Features :

  • ANTI-SLIP PAINT: Skid Grip is an acrylic textured paint that can turn any surface into a skid-resistant one. The durable coating is ideal for indoor or outdoor use to create a high-grip finish.
  • INCREASE SAFETY: This slip-resistant coating is ideal for making high-traffic areas safer. Add it to a patio, pool deck, basketball court, driveway, step, ramp, or playground to prevent falls.
  • ADHERES TO MOST SURFACES: Whether for home or commercial use, liquid Skid Grip can be used on almost any surface. It adheres to cement, wood, stone, asphalt, and more.
  • EASY APPLICATION: To create a non-skid surface, first clean the surface thoroughly to remove any debris. Then use a brush or roller to apply Skid Grip and create texture. Allow ample time to dry.
  • MULTIPLE COLORS AVAILABLE: Don’t let a textured surface become an eyesore. We offer Skid Grip in fade-resistant colors, including Camel, Cobalt, Crimson, Emerald, Jet, Plain, and Slate.

Additional Info :

Color Jet
Item Dimensions
Height 16
Width 9
Length 16
Weight 11

10 Best non slip shower paint 2023 : Editor’s Pick

Considerations Before Buying non slip shower paint

What do you think is the best non slip shower paint for your needs? You can find all the information you need here. Making the right choice can be difficult due to the wide range of options available.

We hope that this post will provide you with more information about non slip shower paint so that you can make an informed decision. We have considered the needs and desires of each customer group in order to assist you in selecting the right product. Purchasing this product is easy and convenient!

Based On Our Experience, We Recommend non slip shower paint

Learn as much as you can about a product before making a purchase. Factors to consider when purchasing non slip shower paint include the following. 

Ask yourself these questions before buying an non slip shower paint:

  • In terms of reputation, how does non slip shower paint compare to its competitors?
  • How can they be repaired or serviced when they malfunction?
  • How does non slip shower paint differ from its competitors?
  • What makes non slip shower paint different from its competitors? How do those features benefit you?
  • What is the difference between non slip shower paint and non slip shower paint?
  • Is it possible to maintain or repair non slip shower paint?

Before purchasing a product, you should ask the following questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

The factors we consider important have only been briefly discussed. Many of your questions can be answered if you do some research online or visit the store.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Marketplaces?

A There will be a wide range of options available for the new products in 2022. Online retailers include traditional merchants, department stores, retailers, and online marketplaces. Consider online markets whenever you’re shopping online.

You can make shopping more enjoyable by using online platforms. Many well-known and reputable websites offer the best prices on a wide range of products.

Among the benefits of online shopping are convenience and ease of use. Our busy schedules make it difficult for us to find real stores. non slip shower paint can be purchased online when you are logged in at work.

There is now a difference between online platforms and physical businesses. Other benefits include:

#. Number of offers 

Online marketplaces often offer the best deals. Retailers sell non slip shower paint in many places. When an online platform has a large dealer network and an efficient supply chain, it can compete with physical retailers.

During holidays such as Black Friday, online platforms often offer discounts and promotions. You won’t find these offers anywhere else.


When shopping online, consider the quality of the product if you haven’t seen it in person. In spite of the fact that the website provides information about the product, you cannot inspect it before purchasing it.

Online marketplaces can also be used to replace other brands and items quickly. Stores can purchase warranties online.

If customers are unhappy with their products, they can get a refund. It is very easy to replace products. A guarantee like this simplifies online shopping.

This has resulted in a decrease in online shopping.


Globally, online platforms and products are growing rapidly. The popularity of online platforms has led to more companies selling their products online.

A well-organized and well-structured system of product categories is available on the site. There are many options available. Software can even make recommendations for you. non slip shower paint is not the only company available.

The more options you have, the easier it is to evaluate your preferences and choices. Before making a purchase, you have several options to choose from. There are usually fewer brands available in a physical store.

#. Review number

The reviews written by real users may be helpful to you. It is common for product descriptions to omit defects or drawbacks.

Prospective buyers benefit from the reviews of actual users. When making a decision, it is important to consider real-life experiences.

Should You Avoid These Mistakes When Buying non slip shower paint?

When buying non slip shower paint, it is important to avoid certain issues that may arise.

#. Do not buy unnecessary items

When making a purchase, keep this in mind. Don’t buy unnecessary items. Time and money will probably be spent on a long and expensive process.

#. Reviews can be found below

It is a good idea to read reviews before making an online purchase. Reading reviews before purchasing is a good idea. It might be a good idea to read the comments before making a purchase.

#. Clarify your return policy

Read the return policy before purchasing something online. Furthermore, you should be aware of your rights if something goes wrong.

#. Research methods

Make sure you read the reviews and check the return policy before purchasing. Researching the company you are going to buy from online is the best way to do this. Check reviews and return policies on the Internet before purchasing products or services.

#. An invoice

As soon as you make an online purchase, you should receive a receipt. If you have a problem with your purchase, please refer to this document.


The process of purchasing a new product can be challenging because there are so many factors to consider. The price, quality, customer reviews, and many other factors should be considered when choosing a product. Buying a product can be a difficult task if you do not know When purchasing it, here are some things to keep in mind. In order to select the best non slip shower paint factors in a purchase, it is necessary to consider a number of factors before making a purchase.

Responses To Questions

#1. What factors should you consider before buying a product?

When making a purchase, it is important to consider the quality as well as the price. There is nothing better than a product with a lower price and a higher quality than a product with a lower price and a lower quality.

#2. When buying an non slip shower paint, how should you choose it?

The quality of non slip shower paint is of utmost importance when purchasing. This factor will ensure that your purchase is durable and long-lasting if you consider it while making your purchase. It is important to consider the features of your product. Take a look at the features it offers; they have a lot to offer.

#3. What is the best way to choose a product?

Quality is determined by the company that makes a product, not by the consumer. Make sure the company you choose is well-established, well-respected, and offers a wide range of services.

#4. Is non slip shower paint the best non slip shower paint in your opinion?

non slip shower paint reviews and feedback will help you decide which is best for you by letting you know which is the best.

#5. Do non slip shower paint products have any defects?

In addition to not working as advertised, non slip shower paint products aren’t made in the USA, don’t last long, and do not work as advertised.

#6. What are the signs that non slip shower paint products are fake?

non slip shower paint products should be checked for authenticity before being purchased, and it is recommended that you do so before making a purchase. There is no doubt that a product will be subject to complaints if there is a problem with it.